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​Our inventions
make your everyday life easier

Have you ever thought: there has to be an easier way! – We too.

That's why we invent things that make your everyday life easier and speed up processes that are practical, innovative and stylish at the same time.


If you are interested in a collaboration or would like to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your message!

Thank you!


design magazine

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The innovation helps users hang their bed covers easily and air them optimally from all four sides. in this way, it also helps them save time in their everyday routine...

Elle decor

design magazine

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...Prodotto dalla start-up 4inventions, Airzag è "il primo sistema di aerazione per piumoni al mondo", come si legge sul sito dedicato. Permettendo alla struttura mobile di cui si compone di adattarsi a qualsiasi alcova...


radio station

162,000 listeners

...Wir verlieren im Schlaf pro Nacht zwischen 0,5 und 1,5 Liter Feuchtigkeit und die Sammelt sich in der Bettwäsche und der Matratze. Leider sind das ideale Bedingungen für Keime und Schimmel. Bei Befall kann das zu Allergien oder schlimmerem führen...


We named our first invention AIRZAG. "AIR" obviously stands for air and "ZAG" for a quick gesture, because that's how the world's first duvet aerator works.


AIRZAG makes it really easy to air the beds every day and you swap stressful work in the morning for better hygiene and a cozy fresh bed. That's something!


We are not the only ones who are convinced of our invention. We are very pleased that several magazines and broadcasters have already reported about us.


Our goal is always a combination of practical use and good design. The products go through several development and test cycles before we start series production with a clear conscience. We want sustainable products and sustainable growth, this is only possible with sustainable thinking.


In concrete terms, this means that we rely on pollutant-free and recyclable raw materials, early detection of production rejects and a small CO2 footprint, be it in the supply chains, as well as in the materials and in production. In addition, we manufacture under the highest quality standards directly in South Tyrol (Italy) and ensure a high degree of sustainability with the long lifespan of our products.

​About us

​Who are we?

​We are a young startup from beautiful South Tyrol (Italy), founded by Hubert Wegleiter and his son Lukas. With our core competencies in development, production and sales, we bring new and innovative solutions for everyday life onto the market. We attach great importance to the sustainable and responsible use of our resources and to high customer benefits and satisfaction.

​What drives us

​We love problems! Because of our roots in mechanical engineering and the associated problem-solving thinking, we always find a suitable solution. The way to get there is very exciting and when you see the finished product in the hands of the happy customer, the feeling is indescribable.


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